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Auto Maintenance Overview

By Dmac Auto

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When it comes to owning a vehicle, the right auto maintenance can make the difference between having a reliable ride and owning a lemon. Not sure what maintenance is really needed, though? It can be tough to separate what’s necessary from what’s not. At D Mac’s Auto Repair here in Escondido, we can help ensure that your vehicle is always properly maintained.


One of the simplest tips is this – have your oil changed regularly. It’s not a high-profile service. It’s not expensive. It’s also easy to forget about. However, changing your engine oil is absolutely essential to ensuring that your vehicle stands the test of time.


Pay close attention to your tires, as they can tell you a lot about your vehicle’s health. If the drive tires are wearing, rotate them. Have them balanced periodically. Above all, keep an eye out for uneven tread wear, as this can indicate things like alignment problems or even suspension issues.

Transmission Fluid

Keep a close eye on your transmission fluid. Like your engine, the transmission needs fluid in order to prevent damage from friction and heat. If the fluid gets low, your transmission will act up. Check it at every oil change and watch for signs of leaks.

Air Filter

Your engine’s air filter protects against debris and contaminants entering the combustion chamber while ensuring that the engine has the fresh, clean air needed. Change this every six months or so to keep your fuel economy good.

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These are just a few of the car maintenance services we can help with at D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido. In addition to auto maintenance, we can also offer a full range of repair services for all makes and models. Call us today at 760-746-0111 to schedule your service or fill out our online contact form.

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