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Engine Service

engine serviceWhen it comes to your car, the engine is an incredibly important component. It’s the power plant for the entire vehicle. While your brakes, transmission, power steering, radiator and other components are vital, without a working engine, your car is going nowhere. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we provide a full suite of engine service options to keep your car running strong.

Our Engine Services

Your car’s engine requires a number of different services throughout its lifespan. D Mac’s Auto Repair can offer each repair, service or replacement including the following:

Engine Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are not optional. Over time, the oil builds up debris and dirt, and it loses its ability to lubricate (viscosity). Changing your oil regularly ensures that it is able to properly lubricate the engine and protect those important components. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we provide fast, efficient, professional oil changes and can also offer a variety of different oils to fit your needs. We’ll also make sure your oil filter is replaced at each oil change.

Air Filter Changes: While you might not think of it much, your engine’s air filter is a critical component. It prevents dirt, dust and debris from entering the engine, while providing the air needed for combustion. We will replace your air filter when needed to keep your engine running strong.

Timing and Idle: If your timing is off, your engine will run rough and there is the potential for damage. We can adjust timing and idle to improve performance and reduce noisy operation.

Spark Plugs: Your engine needs spark plugs – they provide the spark needed to ignite fuel in the combustion chamber. Over time, spark plugs wear out and your fuel economy and performance will suffer. Let us handle this auto service for you. If your car uses spark plug wires, we will also change those if needed. For older cars, we will also replace the distributor cap and rotor.

Fuel Filter: While technically part of the fuel system, this filter directly affects engine performance. When it becomes dirty and clogged, the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine is reduced, affecting performance and power. We can handle this for you as part of our auto service offerings.

Check Engine Light: Has the check engine light come on in your car? It could be anything, from a loose gas cap to a failed oxygen sensor to a problem with the MAP sensor and much more. We can diagnose and repair the problem for you.

Injector Service: Over time, fuel injectors become dirty and clogged up. We can clean your injectors, inspect the fuel rail and ensure that your entire fuel delivery system is working properly.

From the check engine light to your engine’s timing to basic services like oil changes, we provide the reliable, professional car repair and auto maintenance solutions you need for peace of mind.

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