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Brakes and Suspension

brakes and suspensionYour car includes a number of essential systems, but few are as important as the brakes and suspension. Both need regular auto maintenance to ensure your safety and security, as well as your comfort while on the road.

Brake Service

Your brakes are responsible for slowing and stopping the car. Over time, they experience normal wear and tear and need to be serviced. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, our highly trained technicians can provide a broad range of brake services for our clients in Escondido including:

Brake Inspection: If your brake pedal is pulsating, feels soft, is hard to press or you’re hearing a grinding or squealing sound when stopping, we will fully inspect the entire brake system and provide a recommendation.

Pad Replacement: Brake pads wear out over time – it is the nature of the beast. Our technicians will replace your old, worn brake pads with high-quality, OEM compliant pads. They will also inspect the rotors, calipers, brake lines, fluid condition and more.

Rotor Resurfacing: Brake rotors experience very high temperatures during stopping. This can lead to warping in some situations. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, our technicians will measure your rotors, check for warping and wear and resurface them if needed.

Brake Fluid Flush: Like your car’s engine oil, the brake fluid needs to be changed periodically or you will experience reduced performance. Our brake fluid flush is an essential auto service for vehicles of all makes and all ages.

We’re also proud to offer a broad range of additional car service solutions to our clients – just let us know what symptoms you are experiencing, or your concerns and rest assured that we can handle it.

Suspension Service

Your car’s suspension is responsible for providing comfort to you and your passengers while on the road, but it also has an immense impact on handling and ride quality. Suspension components wear over time – shocks wear out, struts begin to leak and bushings begin to fail. If your suspension is not in top condition, you’ll experience less comfort while driving.

You may also experience symptoms including the following:

• Knocking or bumping when going over bumps
• Premature tire wear (particularly on the inner or outer edge of the tire)
• A “loose” feel while driving
• A feeling that the vehicle is swaying while on the road
• Poor or “sloppy” handling around turns
• Reduced fuel economy

At D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, we provide a full range of car service for suspension problems. Our highly-trained technicians can inspect your suspension for wear and tear, keeping you ahead of the curve in terms of maintenance. Of course, they can also replace damaged or failed components.

A sample of our suspension service offerings includes:

• Strut/shock replacement
• Spring replacement
• Sway bar inspection/replacement
• Bushing inspection/replacement
• Hub/wheel bearing inspection and service
• And much more

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