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Suspension Service Overview

By Dmac Auto

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When you think about auto maintenance, chances are good that you immediately picture having your oil changed, or maybe your tires rotated. Those are important elements, certainly, but there’s more that needs to be done. Your car’s suspension is a crucial consideration, and it needs to be maintained properly as well. At D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, we offer full suspension maintenance and service for all makes and models.

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Suspension Service?

There are several signs that your car may need suspension service or service. Identifying those signs can be problematic though, particularly if you have little or no experience. One of them is a rough ride – if your car feels extra “bouncy”, or you’re feeling those bumps and dips more than usual, chances are good that you need to have auto maintenance performed on your suspension.

Another sign that your suspension has seen better days is if you hear a knocking or banging sound when going over bumps in the road. This is generally caused by a “blown” strut or shock. The gas or fluid within the strut has leaked out, and it’s no longer supporting the weight of the car.

Yet another sign that suspension maintenance is in order is if the car’s nose dives toward the ground when you press the brakes. This is a good sign that the front suspension is worn out and in need of some TLC.

If you notice that your car is drifting to one side while taking a curve, this is an excellent sign that your suspension has seen better days. Having the suspension inspected and then repaired is vital. It not only affects your comfort on the road, but it can lead to serious safety considerations if left unaddressed.

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