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Auto Warranty Inspection

Auto Warranty Inspection auto warranty inspection

Is your car warranty almost up? Before your auto warranty ends, get your car inspected for any problems that your dealership might not be telling you about. The only thing worse than your car warranty ending, is that your dealership might not be telling you about problems that are wrong with your car. At D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, we offer our customers the option to get a second opinion on their car before their warranty is up. We believe in genuine and honest work, which is why we don’t want our customers getting ripped off by dealerships.

Why Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Don’t Get Ripped Off by Dealerships

For example, let’s say that your two-year auto warranty or extended auto warranty are almost up, and you visit your dealership to have a problem inspected or you are there for your factory maintenance. Oftentimes, dealerships will lie to you and tell you nothing is wrong with your car if they see that your warranty is almost up. This is because the dealerships will not receive any money from you if the problem is covered under warranty. As a result, you will continue driving around with car problems. Once your warranty has expired and you are back at the dealership because of car problems, they will find the problem. Driving around with car problems can sometimes create even more trouble or damage. This is why it’s important to have any necessary engine repairs, car maintenance, suspension repair, or auto repairs taken care of.

Visit D Mac’s Auto Repair Before Your Warranty Ends

We recommend that any customers who have auto warranties approaching expiration, come visit us in Escondido for a second opinion to ensure their car is still running smooth. This will allow us to catch any problems and hold the dealership accountable for their mistakes. As a result, your car can be fixed while still under warranty so you won’t have to spend any extra cash to fix your car.

How Can D Mac’s Auto Repair Help with Your Auto Warranty?

If you noticed your auto warranty is coming to an end, you should plan a visit to our auto shop in Escondido to have your car inspected. We will check your car for any signs of problems associated with your warranty. If we notice any problems, we will document it to show to your dealership, especially if they say nothing is wrong. Whether we are your first or second opinion, we will help you fight to use your car warranty coverage.

Put Your Trust in D Mac’s Auto Repair

If you are not already visiting us regularly for oil changes in Escondido, or other auto services, put your trust in D Mac’s Auto Repair. We are not a dealership, we are an independent auto repair shop looking to form a long lasting, honest, and caring relationship with our customers. On top of providing oil changes, we also offer a full range of auto services including: break pad replacement, suspension repair, engine repair, classic car repair, water pumps, car batteries, transmission and more! Contact our Escondido auto repair shop at 760-746-0111 or by visiting our contact us page to fill out our online contact form.

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