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Benefits of Factory Maintenance

Benefits of Factory Maintenance

Have you heard the expression “doing it by the book”? If so, you understand exactly why we at D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, CA recommend that our clients follow suggested factory maintenance guidelines. As your preferred mechanic in Escondido, CA, we think that you should know the benefits of factory maintenance and we offer you the kind of car repair that ensures your vehicle is in the best condition possible.

If you wonder why there are benefits of factory maintenance, just consider another phrase: auto repair. Repair or maintenance? Clearly, most of us would rather invest in upkeep and maintenance rather than forking over the costs of an unexpected but required repair. One of the best benefits of factory maintenance is that it allows you to dodge many of the unanticipated repairs by keeping everything up to date and properly inspected.

Let’s look at more of these benefits:

You enjoy better performance – Whether you are looking to get the greatest fuel economy out of your car or truck or you just want a vehicle that rarely ever causes you a moment of trouble or poor performance, factory maintenance is the best approach. Getting oil changes when the manufacturer recommends, and using the oils and filters suggested is one common step. Getting certain “mileage” services, such as a 40,000-mile service, is also a key to getting the car to operate as efficient and flawlessly as possible.

You enjoy the car for much longer – We all know that taking good care of our possessions tends to make them last much longer, and this holds true of a vehicle. But you can take a car or truck one step farther and follow factory maintenance in order to get the very most out of it. It is proactive and dodges many issues.

You are much safer – If the factory says to get the brakes checked at a specific time, do it. If they have suggestions about engine checks or other system inspections, do them. These recommendations are there for performance, but also to ensure optimal safety.

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