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Auto Repairs

auto repairWhen it comes to the most professional car repair in Escondido and the surrounding areas, turn to D Mac’s Auto Repair. With more than 25 years of experience handling all domestic and import models, we have the knowledge and training required to handle almost anything that might go wrong with your car, truck, minivan or SUV.

Keeping your vehicle in good repair ensures reliability and operability at all times. We can handle any auto repairs, from replacing an aging, rusted-out radiator to alternators, U-joints, failed catalytic converters and much more. Our expertise even extends to rack and pinion units and welding and fabrication right in our Escondido shop.


Your car’s alternator is responsible for supplying all the electricity needed while the engine is running. This applies to everything from your spark plugs to your in-dash navigation system. Alternators, while designed to work for a very long time, will eventually wear out and fail. If the alternator fails, the battery will only provide power for a limited amount of time and then you will be stranded.

We can replace your alternator quickly and affordably with an OEM-specific model for the perfect fit and function. We can also check your engine’s belt(s), the condition of your battery and more to ensure that your car is in top condition. We also recommend having your charging system tested regularly so you always know the condition of your alternator, battery and starter. D Mac’s Auto Repair is proud to offer this as a free service to our customers. Find out if you car is showing signs of a failing alternator.

Water Pumps

Water pumps are the unsung hero of the engine. Without a working water pump, coolant cannot cycle through the engine. If that happens, heat will build up to damaging levels, causing your engine to overheat and possibly killing it (high heat levels can crack the block in severe instances).

Your water pump is not something that can be inspected easily. It sits behind the timing belt cover and is usually changed at the same time as the timing belt. These are relatively simple pumps driven by the engine’s drive belt, but they will eventually develop a leak from the gasket or suffer from failed bearings. When this happens, it is imperative to have it fixed before driving anywhere to prevent serious damage to the engine.

At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we can inspect and replace your car’s water pump, as well as the timing belt. We are also proud to offer a full range of coolant system repair and replacement services. Read about the signs you might need a new water pump.


When you turn the key in the ignition of your car, the battery sends electricity to the starter. The starter is responsible for turning the engine over, cranking it. Without an operational starter, your car is “dead in the water.”

Starters are designed to last for many years, but they will eventually wear out. Bendix wear is one of the most common reasons for starter failure, but there are many other possibilities including a bad relay, wiring problems and more. We offer a free charging and starting system test that includes your starter, the battery and the alternator to ensure that you are always “in the know” and run the least chance of being stranded due to a failed starter.

Of course, we can also install replacement starters–we offer starters with OEM fit and function to ensure that your engine cranks on the first try and deliver maximum reliability.

A/C Compressors and Condensers

Your car’s A/C system is responsible for keeping you and your passengers cool and comfortable during the long, hot summers in Escondido. This is a pretty complex collection of components, including two of the most important–the A/C compressor and condenser.

The compressor is used to pressurize the refrigerant in the A/C lines, moving it from the low pressure side to the high pressure side. The condenser works similarly to your car’s radiator, letting moving air wick away heat collected by the refrigerant from the interior before being sent back into the air conditioner once more.

Both of these components can fail and when they do, your car’s A/C will not operate correctly. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we are licensed to work on all modern automotive A/C systems and can provide services ranging from evac/recharge to A/C compressor and condenser replacement.

Universal Joints

If you drive a vehicle with a driveshaft (a pickup, classic car, SUV or one with several all-wheel drive systems), you have a universal joint that connects the driveshaft to the transmission output shaft. The two must be connected in order for motive force from the transmission to be transmitted to the rear wheels (via the differential).

A universal joint allows flexing at the shaft so that it can spin and not bind up during operation. Many types of universal joints are designed so that they can be greased during regular maintenance–this prolongs lifespan. However, some are sealed and cannot be greased.

Over time and through use, all universal joints will begin to wear out. It is important to replace these as soon as possible to ensure that your drivetrain remains operable (and so that you don’t damage the driveshaft or the transmission output shaft). We can inspect universal joints, service them and replace them when necessary.


Your vehicle’s radiator is an essential component of not only the coolant system, but for overall engine operation. It both holds coolant and provides a way for excess heat absorbed by the coolant from the engine to be dispersed into the atmosphere.

However, the radiator can be easily damaged. Auto accidents, even minor fender-benders, can damage the radiator to the point that it is compromised. In addition, they are susceptible to rust over time, particularly if you use the wrong coolant mix (never run straight water–you should use a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water, or buy a premixed formula). Rusted radiators can not only suffer from holes and leaks, but the rust will work its way throughout the coolant system, potentially compromising other components and requiring a full coolant flush at the very least.

At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we can inspect your radiator, determine if it can be repaired, or needs to be replaced and then install a new, OEM-specific radiator that will last you for years to come.

Engine/Transmission Mounts

Engine and transmission mounts do pretty much what the name implies. They provide a mounting location for both the engine and the transmission, holding them in place under the hood. However, they also do more. They help to reduce torque (both the engine and the transmission create torque and if it is not dampened, it can cause immense damage).

There are several types of engine and transmission mounts in use today, including hardened rubber mounts and hydraulic mounts. Both will wear out and fail over time, and can be damaged in automobile accidents as well. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we can inspect your engine and transmission mounts for damage or failure and provide you with an exact OEM fit if one or more is damaged.

Catalytic Converters

The modern exhaust system is much more complex than it used to be. Once upon a time, you only needed a way to get the exhaust from the engine, under the car and out the back end. Today’s cars have an integrated emissions and exhaust system that includes a number of sensors and other equipment. The catalytic converter is one of the most critical components here.

The catalytic converter is a wonder of modern engineering design. It is responsible for burning off hydrocarbons and other toxic elements in your vehicle’s exhaust. Most vehicles only have one, but some have two and you will usually find them mounted at the mid-point of the exhaust system underneath the vehicle.

Catalytic converters are subject to high temperatures, as well as the potential for damage from objects in the road, during accidents, potholes, curbs and more. Once the converter fails, the check engine light will turn on and your car will not pass its emissions test.

We can replace your catalytic converter with an OEM-specific model if it has failed. We will also check the code stored in the computer (responsible for triggering the check engine light) and clear it.

Auto Transmissions

No matter how powerful your vehicle’s engine might be, if the transmission is not working properly, you are stuck in one place. Today’s auto transmissions are much more sophisticated than older ones and offer much smoother operation. However, they are still subject to wear and tear and must be properly maintained to see the lifespan you expect.

At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we offer professional transmission service (fluid and filter changes), but we can also offer transmission replacement if yours has seen better days. With that being said, the problem might not be tied to the transmission itself – it could be something as simple as a failed sensor. Our expert technicians will troubleshoot the situation, determine the actual cause of the problem and then provide you with advice and guidance on moving forward. Whether you need service, diagnostics or a straight up transmission replacement, we can help.

Power Steering Pumps

Most vehicles have hydraulic power steering systems, although some newer cars use a “drive by wire” electronic power steering system. Hydraulic systems combine a power steering pump with a power steering rack. The pump includes a reservoir and fluid, and is operated by the engine’s drive belt. When you turn the steering wheel, the pump forces fluid into the rack, which assists with turning (if you have ever driven a car without power steering, you know how difficult it can be to turn the wheel, especially at low speeds).

While power steering pumps are designed to last for a long time, they do suffer from wear and tear. They can develop leaks, suffer from bearing failure (at the pulley), or even fail outright. When this happens, you will still be able to steer your car but it will require significantly more effort, which can be dangerous.

We can inspect your power steering pump and rack, pinpoint any problems and often repair the issue here at our Escondido shop. If we cannot repair your power steering pump, we can offer an OEM-specific replacement pump.

Manual Clutches

With an automatic transmission, the car works the clutch on your behalf, automatically shifting through gears as you pick up speed. With a manual transmission, you have to work the clutch to shift gears by pressing the clutch pedal. This separates the clutch disc and the transmission briefly, allowing you to shift gears without grinding.

Manual clutches are similar to brake pads in terms of both the material they are made of and the way in which the work. Friction and heat will eventually wear down your clutch. When this happens, you’ll find it much more difficult to shift gears. In a worst-case scenario, you might not be able to shift at all.

When your manual clutch wears out, you need it replaced. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we service both automatic and manual transmissions and can offer a professional, affordable, fast replacement for your clutch so you can get back on the road.

Rack and Pinion Units

If your car has a power steering pump, it also has a rack and pinion (also known as a power steering rack). However, many cars without power steering also have a rack and pinion unit – the term is used to separate two types of steering systems. The first and oldest is the recirculating ball style. The second is the rack and pinion style. Rack and pinion units have become the go-to solution for most automakers today.

Your rack and pinion unit can suffer from a number of problems stemming from both normal wear and tear and damage sustained from accidents or colliding with debris on the road. In a power steering system, leaks are the most common problem. In a manual steering system, broken teeth on the pinion or rack may be the problem, or it could be a bent rack or another issue. In all cases, problems with the rack and pinion unit are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

Our professional technicians have experience with both manual and power rack and pinion units. We can inspect and diagnose the problem and usually offer repairs on site. However, if the damage is severe, we can replace your rack and pinion unit quickly and affordably.

Engine Installations

While your car’s engine is designed to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, that does not always happen. Any number of things could occur that would irreparably damage your engine. Overheating can crack the block or damage the head, for instance. Being run with low oil or contaminated oil can lead to serious damage from friction. Or maybe your engine is getting up there in miles and replacing it is the wisest decision.

Whatever the case, D Mac’s Auto Repair has experience with installing a wide range of engines for both domestics and imports. We can install engines in cars, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs and most other vehicles. We can also offer engine installation for classic cars. Our professional technicians are highly trained and we have over 25 years of experience serving the needs of drivers in and around Escondido.

Welding and Fabrication

Finding the right part for your car is not always easy. In fact, it is sometimes impossible. When that occurs, turn to the professionals at D Mac’s Auto Repair. Our in-house welding and fabrication services ensure that if there is a part needed but not one available, we can create it in our shop.

Our welding and fabrication services are invaluable for drivers hoping to restore a classic car when parts are either not available or are just too expensive for it to be feasible. However, they can also be used by owners of more modern vehicles.

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D Mac’s Auto Repair offers the widest range of auto repair services in Escondido and the surrounding area. With over 25 years of experience, we take pride in being able to offer professional, affordable, fast service for all domestic and import models. Call us today at 760-746-0111 to schedule an appointment. Often, we can provide same-day appointments for repairs or service. Our FAQs page can answer any questions you might have.

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