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Factory Maintenance

factory maintenanceToday’s vehicles require both regular maintenance and factory maintenance. While you will have your oil changed, your tires rotated and your brakes replaced regularly, factory maintenance is less frequent, but no less important. At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we provide both regular service and factory maintenance for a very wide range of makes and models in Escondido.

Factory Maintenance – Why It Matters

Factory maintenance is the term given to a number of different combinations of services due on your vehicle at intervals specified by your automaker. Many cars follow a 30,000 – 60,000 – 120,000-mile regimen, but that is not true across the board. Different automakers have different factory maintenance schedules. Each automaker also has different specific services required at each interval.

At D Mac’s Auto repair, our technicians have years of experience providing both regular maintenance and factory maintenance for both domestic and import cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs. Whether you’re driving a Ford Taurus, a Toyota Camry, a Dodge Durango or a Kia Forte, we can ensure that it stays in top condition.

Common Factory Maintenance Requirements

While each automaker has a slightly different suite of services and service times, there are some commonalities shared between all of them. Common factory maintenance requirements can include the following (depending on your mileage, and your make and model):

• Transmission fluid change (drain and fill – filter replacement on applicable models)
• Spark plug replacement
• Spark plug wire replacement (applicable models)
• Cabin filter replacement
• Rear differential service (drain and fill)
• Four-wheel alignment
• Valve clearance inspection (if applicable on higher mileage engines)
• Water pump replacement (with timing belt replacement on higher mileage engines)
• Timing belt replacement (if applicable)
• Brake inspection and parking brake adjustment
• Idle speed inspection and adjustment (if applicable)
• Valve adjustment (if applicable)

These are just a few of the many different factory maintenance requirements that might pertain to your car. We understand the importance of factory-specific maintenance services and our auto repair specialists can provide any service necessary, whether your car has 20,000 miles on the engine or 120,000 miles. We are also fully versed in the factory maintenance schedules for both domestics and imports.

We can also provide all of your regular services including:

Oil Changes: We offer conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic oils designed to ensure maximum engine performance and lifespan.
Tire Rotation and Balance: Keep your tread wear even and ride comfortable by rotating and balancing your tires regularly.
Brakes: We can replace worn brake pads, resurface or replace rotors, maintain or replace calipers, brake lines, master cylinders and more.

Our goal is to ensure that every auto service you require is handled quickly, professionally and affordably. We invite you to get in touch today.

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At D Mac’s Auto Repair, we can provide regular car repair and service, as well as factory maintenance services to clients in Escondido, CA and the surrounding area. Call us today at 760-746-0111 to schedule your service. We can usually offer same-day appointments to handle your car care needs.

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