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Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes

By Dmac Auto

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Does your car have anti-lock brakes? If it does, consider yourself lucky because those anti-locking brakes might save your life! Unfortunately, they do require a bit more maintenance than a car without anti-locking brakes. ABS brakes are common in most modern vehicles, so if you have a newer car, you most likely have them. Anti-lock brakes are a safety feature that should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to maintenance. Anti-lock brakes protect your car from spinning out of control in wet or slippery roads in particular. See the benefits of anti-lock brakes and then visit D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido for ABS maintenance.

Anti-Lock Brakes Increase Stopping Power

One of the top benefits of anti-lock brakes is that they significantly lower your risk of the wheels of your car locking up which can lead to skidding, particularly in slippery conditions. Although it doesn’t rain often in Escondido when it does, the roads are extremely slippery and an ABS can help protect you from a bad car wreck. Anti-lock brakes will protect you from skidding out of control and will instead help you keep control of your steering so that you can more easily get out of dangerous situation.

Anti-Lock Brakes Improve Traction Control

When it comes to traction control, anti-lock brakes make it easier in the manufacturing process to install traction control. An ABS has the same technology as advanced traction control. Anti-lock brakes are helpful for making your car safer and giving it more traction control.

Anti-Lock Brakes Decrease Insurance Costs

Your vehicle plays a large roll in insurance costs. When it comes to lowering costs, a vehicle with ABS technology can make your car insurance payments cheaper every month. This is because anti-lock brakes have been proven to lower the risk of car accidents.

Anti-Lock Brakes Increase Resale Value

Since having an ABS is such a standard in modern vehicles, if you don’t have it in your car, you can expect your car to resale for a much lower price. If you want to make sure your car has a good resale value in the future, make sure to choose one with an ABS. With all of these benefits of anti-lock brakes, it’s a no-brainer to choose a car with it.

Downsides to Anti-Lock Brakes

Of course with benefits, there are going to be disadvantages. Fortunately, anti-lock brakes don’t have too many disadvantages. The first one is the top time inconsistency. With ABS technology, it’s common for your vehicle to experience some inconsistency in the time it takes for your car to come to a complete stop. Many drivers find this to be annoying. Another disadvantage is that anti-lock brakes have problems in the snow or gravel. This isn’t the biggest problem in San Diego. Lastly, anti-lock brakes require maintenance and upkeep to keep them running correctly. This involves sensor checks and potential sensor replacement. Maintenance is minimal so this also isn’t the biggest problem.

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