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Noisy Brakes: What Causes Them & What to Do

By Dmac Auto

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If you have been driving around Escondido and noticed that your brakes are a bit noisy when you press on the pedal, or you are getting stares from passerby’s, this might be an indication that you have brake problems, or that they are actually just dirty. Before you drop thousands of dollars on a brake repair in Escondido, find out what actually causes noisy brakes and what you should do about it.

Grinding Brakes

When you apply the brakes and you hear a grinding noise, this isn’t a good sign. If it sounds a lot like hitting the rumble bumps on the freeway, you should not be driving. Pull over and call a tow truck immediately. This noise happens when your brake pad has been worn down to nothing. Instead, of the pads hitting the rotors, it is now metal to metal. This can damage your rotors and cost you even more money. Don’t skip out on replacing your brake pads when the time comes or your bill will be even bigger.

Squeaking Brakes

This is the most common indicator for brake wear in Escondido. Squeaky brakes can not only be annoying but they can be your red flag to go get your brakes checked. They might also just be a sign of cheap brake pads. Cheap brake pads tend to have big metal flakes in the braking material. When you press on your brakes, the flakes will press against the rotor causing this sound. This sound will go away once your brake pads wear a bit. You can avoid this noise in the future by purchasing nicer break pads.

On the other hand, if your brakes squeak or squeal while you are driving but then it goes away once you press on the brakes, this is usually a sign that your brake pads are worn. This noise is caused by the brake pads hitting the rotor metal on metal. On brake pads, there is a metal tab that rubs against the rotors when it becomes time to replace your brake pads. Don’t ignore this warning or you could end up replacing more parts of your car.

Thumping Noise from Rear

When you apply the brakes and begin to hear a thumping noise coming from the rear of your car, this can be caused by the rear drums. Not all cars have rear drums, but if you hear this noise, your car most likely does. The rear drums might have become damaged. If this is the case, a quick repair from D Mac’s Auto Repair can solve your problem.

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