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Signs You Need a Brake Repair

By Dmac Auto

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Few systems on your car are as crucial as your brakes. They’re the only thing responsible for slowing and stopping your vehicle safely. Of course, like most other automotive systems, they need regular service to ensure they work properly. If you’re not sure about when to have brake service or brake repair done, D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido can help. Here are a few of the top signs you need a brake repair.

Squealing or Squeaking

If you press the brake pedal and hear a squeal, it more than likely means that your pads are wearing out. Most modern brake pads come equipped with a metal tab called a squealer that juts out on one end. As the pad wears down, the squealer contacts the surface of the rotor, producing the characteristic squealing sound. You may actually hear this even if you’re not pressing the brake, particularly in reverse.


If you hear a grinding sound when you press the brake, it’s well past time for brake service. It’s possible that the pad is completely worn out, and the backing plate is beginning to eat into the rotor.

Vibration on Braking

If you press the brake pedal and experience a vibration, it means that your rotors are warped and need to be resurfaced (also called “turning”). More than likely, your pads will also need to be replaced.

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If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to have a brake repair performed as soon as possible. Driving with worn out pads, low brake fluid or warped rotors can be enormously dangerous. At D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, we can provide pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, fluid changes, caliper service and replacement, and much more. Call us today at 760-746-0111 or come into the shop. You can also fill out our online contact form if you have any questions.

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