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Why Does My Car Shake?

By Dmac Auto

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Does your car shake when you drive it, use your brakes or just from turning it on? This can be an indicator that your car has a few different problems. It’s important to get a repair if you find that your car is shaking. Our mechanics at D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido are here to help you get your car back to its full potential. Here are a few reasons why your car might be shaking.                                                                     


One of the top reasons that your car is shaking is because of your tires. Your car can be shaking due to worn tires, unbalanced tires or bald tires. If you notice any vibration at all when you drive, your tires should be the first place you inspect. If you notice that your tires are bald or worn, it’s a good idea to have them replaced sooner than later. If you don’t see any noticeable problems, it could be a balance issue. Have your Escondido mechanic balance your tires next time you’re in the shop.

Make sure that your tires are all inflated to their correct amount. Your car can also shake if the suspension is off or if the tire pressure is not correct. Once you fix your tire problems and your car still continues to shake, this means that something else is going on.

Wheel Alignment

Another potential reason that your car is shaking when you drive it is that the wheels are not aligned. This can also be the cause for unevenly worn tires. Most cars have specific angles that the wheels of their vehicles are supposed to aligned at. Hitting curbs, small accidents or mishaps can throw your alignment off. The first sign that your alignment is off is that your car will start to vibrate and wear unevenly. If you think your alignment is off, make sure to visit our Escondido mechanics as soon as possible for necessary maintenance.


Another major cause of vibration and shaking cars is that your brakes need maintenance. If the vibrations and shaking start when you apply the brakes, the problem is clearly your brakes. It’s important to have your brake pads and rotors inspected to make sure they are working correctly and not worn. If your brake pads are low, this can cause your rotors to become warped, causing your car to shake and vibrate when you drive. Visit our mechanic in Escondido for a brake repair to get your car back to running smoothly.


Another reason that your car might be shaking is that the engine is having issues. If the shaking or vibration occurs when you accelerate your car, this can be a sign that your engine is having issues. Check out your spark plugs to see if they need to be replaced. If your spark plugs are fine, the problem can be a problem with the air filter or fuel filter.

Visit Our Escondido Mechanic for Help

If your car is doing any sort of shaking or vibrating when you drive, have it checked out by our Escondido mechanics at D Mac’s Auto Repair. Give us a call or use our contact form to make an appointment.

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