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What Happens When I Skip an Oil Change?

By Dmac Auto

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Life can get busy and many people come into our Escondido auto shop and claim that they are months overdue for their oil change. You’re probably wondering what happens when you skip an oil change. Well, we don’t have good news. Skipping an oil change can be more destructive to your car than you might think. Keep reading to find out why you should never skip an oil change. Then be sure to visit us at D Mac’s Auto Repair regularly for your oil changes.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Many car owners in Escondido don’t know the importance of oil changes; they just know they need to have it done every 3 to 6 months. Oil changes are important because old oil does not function well. This important liquid is the key component to keeping your engine running smooth. Unfortunately, motor oil isn’t made to last long. Over time, the fluid breaks down and needs to be replaced in order to continue running well. Every car is different and requires different oil and oil change schedules. Typically, cars need new oil every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Check with our owner manual for your car’s schedule, or ask our mechanics at D Mac’s Auto Repair. Our Escondido mechanics can help you figure out the correct auto maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Dangers of Skipping Your Oil Change

Over time, the oil in your car breaks down due to the high temperatures in your engine. This is known as a thermal breakdown. As a result, the oil is incapable of providing necessary lubrication of the metal parts in your engine. Without this necessary lubrication, the moving joints will begin to rub against each other, causing premature wear. This can lead to serious destruction over time and expensive auto repairs. Without changing your oil the particles in the oil will start to settle and cause corrosion of your engine and other auto parts.

In addition to engine damage, when you skip an oil change, sludge begins to build up. Sludge occurs when old oil sits in the engine too long and it begins to solidify or turn into a gel. When sludge occurs, your oil cannot flow freely throughout your engine. This can cause oil starvation to bearings, camshafts, oil calve train components and crankshafts. This will also cause major damage to your engine in the long run, which can lead to expensive repairs. A worst case scenario can cause you to need an engine replacement or rebuild.

What Should I Do If I Skipped an Oil Change?

We’re unable to tell if any damage has occurred to your car from skipping an oil change without an inspection. If you skipped an oil change, let our mechanics know and we will perform the necessary inspection to see if there are any problems with your car. If so, we will discuss the necessary repairs with you. Next, we will complete an oil change for you and give you our recommended date for your next oil change. The best way to deal with skipping an oil change is to bring it to us immediately, and then to never let it happen again.

Schedule your Next Escondido Oil Change

Don’t forget your next oil change. Don’t skip an oil change and instead, schedule your oil change at D Mac’s Auto Repair. Our mechanics can perform your oil change in Escondido at your convenience. Give us a call today or fill out our online form.