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Signs You Forgot to Get an Oil Change

By Dmac Auto

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Signs You Forgot to Get an Oil Change

Depending on your car or truck manufacturer, it is recommended that you have your oil changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. What do you do if you forget? There are some signs that you forgot to get an oil change and we cover some of those in this posting.

The Oil Light

In many cases, the oil light on your vehicle dashboard will come on. When it does, this is an indication that there is already a problem occurring that you will need to address. It could very well be an indicator that you need to do have a service performed, but at the minimum it should serve as a reminder that you need to have an oil change performed by our mechanic.

Oil is Dark and Dirty

If you go to check your oil and it is dark and dirty, that is a perfect indicator that it needs to be changed. If you simply cannot remember that last time you changed your oil, get under the hood and pull the dipstick out. This will often tell you everything you need to know. Remember that if oil is clean, it will have an amber color. Oil begins to appear dark as it gets dirty.

Listen To What Your Engine Is Telling You

When oil is dirty, it simply is not up to the job that it is meant to perform. When this happens, your engine may begin to notice and protest itself. This will result in louder than normal noises coming from the engine, so this is yet another indication that you have neglected an oil change somewhere along the lone.

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