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Services From Your Auto Repair Shop in Escondido

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If you own your car, you will most likely want it to run as long as possible. The best way to do this is by implementing car maintenance into your car’s life while also making sure to do repairs as they are needed. When it comes to auto care, maintenance and repairs as soon as they are needed are the best ways to prevent big problems from happening. D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido can take care of all of your car service needs. Discover the different car services we offer at our Escondido auto repair shop.

Engine Services

When it comes to a well-running car, think of your engine as the heart of your car. When your engine runs well, your car runs well. Our Escondido auto repair shop can take care of all of your engine maintenance and repair needs. We first recommend regular oil changes and air filter changes. From there, we can take care of any spark plugs that need replacing, fuel filters, injector services, timing and idle or even read your check engine light for you. Any engine problems your car has, our Escondido mechanics can take care of it for you.

Auto Maintenance

Regular auto maintenance in Escondido is the best way to ensure your car is always running safely and smoothly. We can take care of all of your auto maintenance from wiper blades, batteries and fuel filters to more complicated things like factory scheduled maintenance. If you’re unsure what kind of maintenance your car needs, our mechanics can give you an outline for the life of your car. We can also take care of shocks and struts, belts and hoses, mufflers and timing belts. Visit us for regular car maintenance to extend the life of your car.

Auto Repairs

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid an auto repair. Sometimes it’s just needed. Fortunately, our Escondido auto repair shop can take care of all of your auto repair needs without the high dealership price. Whether you need a new water pump, alternator, starter, AC compressor or condenser, universal joints, radiators, engine/transmission mounts, catalytic converters or even transmission repair, we can help your car run smoothly again.

Toyota Camry Services and Repairs

If you drive a Toyota Camry, you’re in luck! That’s one of our specialties at D Mac’s Auto Repair. Any maintenance or repairs you need for your Camry, we have you covered.

Auto Warranty Inspections

If your car warranty is almost up, don’t take the dealer’s word that your car is running perfectly fine. Bring your car in for inspection so that we can let you know if there are any problems your dealership might have missed or not let you know about. This will help you take full advantage of your warranty and save money in the long run.

Classic Car Repair

Escondido is home to plenty of classic car owners. Unfortunately not every auto shop can repair classic cars. If classic cars are a hobby for you, feel free to bring yours to our shop for repairs and maintenance. We specialize in and love working on classic cars.

Schedule an Auto Repair in Escondido

If you need an auto repair or maintenance on your car, give D Mac’s Auto Repair a call or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with our mechanics.