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Do Oil Changes Affect Performance?

By Dmac Auto

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Oil changes should be a routine part of your vehicle maintenance routine, but many wonder just how much such a service actually affects the performance. If you go a few thousand miles over the recommended service call, will it really matter? To what extent? These are great questions, so let us cover them now by talking about how exactly oil changes affect performance.

Proper Oil Changes Bring Value

Just like humans should not wait until they get sick to start taking care of themselves, car owners should do certain things to ensure the effective performance of their vehicles. This includes oil changes at regular intervals. This adds value to the car. There are many things that you can do to keep a car running smoothly, such as cleaning out the fuel injectors, but little does as much good as a regular oil change in Escondido.

Sludge Adversely Affects Performance

Part of the problem here is that we cannot see the oil in our car or truck, so it is easy to neglect it. Do that too long, though, and sludge will result. Again, you will not see this either, but your car’s engine will certainly feel it.  The sludge will end up blocking important pathways that allow oil to flow smoothly.

Just like your heart needs a clear pathway to circulate blood, so, too, does your engine need the same for oil. Sludge is not your friend and it does adversely impact the performance of your car. Eliminate this by engaging in regular auto maintenance that involves a proper oil change at set intervals.

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