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Car Vibration Causes

By Dmac Auto

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Although it sounds funny to say you have a vibrating car, the reality is that it could be a dangerous situation. At D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido, CA we hear from many customers who are curious about the vibration that is occurring when they idle their car, run it at certain speeds or as they brake. There are several reasons for car vibration, and all of them require you to pay a visit to your trusted Escondido mechanic right away. Let’s take a few minutes to understand the reasons for car vibration.

The Reasons Behind Vibration

Did you realize that your car might vibrate in different ways, and for different reasons? It also vibrates at different times. It can rock or bump as it sits idle, it can start to rapidly thud or vibrate as it accelerates, or it can vibrate uncomfortably as you push the brakes.

Among all the reasons for car vibration at any time, though, you will find that the engine mount is often the biggest culprit. It is what attaches the engine to the vehicle, and if it is weakened, broken or loose, the engine’s movement causes that bounce that vibrates the vehicle.

While you might think that this is the only reason a car idling is going to vibrate, there are other causes. These can include:

  • The car is out of alignment
  • The CV joints may be worn out
  • The axle shaft may be bent
  • The propeller shaft has a problem and is shaking
  • The rims of the wheels are out of balance
  • The tires may be worn out and in need of rotation or replacement
  • Tires might be out of balance

Clearly, if these are the source of car vibration, it means immediate car repair. Yet, that may not be the source of the issue. The brakes can also create a problem, and you will want the appropriate car maintenance if your car’s vibrations are due to:

  • Loose wheel bearings
  • Bent or worn brake rotors
  • Brake calipers stuck in one position

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