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Car Noises to Listen For

By Dmac Auto

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Grinding, clunking, squealing and squeaking are just a few of the car noises to listen for when you’re driving. Different noises in your car can actually be indicators of underlying problems. Make sure to turn down your radio every once in a while when you’re driving to listen for some of these suspicious noises. Find out what car noises to listen for before you visit us at D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido for your next car repair.

Noises when Turning the Corner

If your car is making any sort of noises when you turn the corner, this should be a cause for worry. One of the top reasons your car is making a noise when turning is because of the steering linkage. In this case, it is either damaged and needs replacing or simply needs lubricant.

Clunking Noise When Braking

If you happen to press on your brakes and hear a clunking noise, this is an indicator that your brake caliper is improperly mounted, damaged or missing. If this happens, please visit our Escondido mechanics for a repair immediately.


Your car is not a bird, therefore, it shouldn’t be making a flapping noise. If there is a flapping noise, this can be caused by something interfering with a fan or from a disintegrating belt.

Grinding Noise When Shifting in Manual Transmission

If you’re one of the few that still drives a manual transmission, you should be aware of the worrisome noises it may produce. If you hear a grinding noise when you’re shifting gears, this can indicate an issue with the clutch. The clutch either needs adjusting or it is worn down. This may also be caused by a serious transmission problem.

Sizzling or Hissing Under the Hood

When your engine first turns off, if you happen to hear any sort of hissing or sizzling under the hood, this means that something is leaking. In most cases, it will be oil or coolant that is leaking onto the hot parts of the engine like the exhaust manifold. The engine could also be overheating or the vacuum line can be leaking. Whatever the issue may be, if you hear these noises, you should contact your mechanic.

Loud Bang

If it sounds like something just exploded in your tailpipe or you hear a backfire, this is not good. In most cases, this is caused by an air-fuel mixture that is too rich. This can also mean that the catalytic converter is not working correctly.

Roaring with Acceleration

If you’re cruising down the freeway and hear this noise in your car, a roaring noise, this can be a damaged exhaust system. It can also be caused by transmission issues or a slipping clutch.

Visit our Escondido Mechanics for your Car Noises

If you happen to hear any strange noises coming from your car, you should not wait. Make sure to come to visit D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido to have your car inspected. Our mechanics are here to assist you and ensure your car is functioning correctly. Schedule an appointment with us by phone or via our online form.