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4 New Years Resolutions to Complete as a Car Owner

By Dmac Auto

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Your vehicle is vitally important. It gets you to and from work, providing transportation for your whole family. When it doesn’t’ work properly, due to a mechanical issue, your day can be ruined relatively quickly. Not to mention how the cost of repairing any unexpected issue can catch you off guard. One way to prevent this problematic situation is to prioritize routine maintenance for your car. The new year is also great time to learn how to do some car related tasks yourself. Why not start this year off by doing just that?

Four New Years Resolutions For Your Vehicle: Brought to You by D Mac’s Auto Repair of Escondido

1.) Check Oil Levels: It’s important to check your oil levels regularly. You can usually do this about once a month and be fine, but if your car tends to use oil more frequently, it might be something you want to check weekly. Also, it’s important to take your car in for oil changes regularly. Usually, you can go 5,000 miles between oil changes. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. It will list how many miles you can go between oil changes. Keep in mind, without the correct amount of oil and the right consistency, an engine can be severely damaged. Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of oil when it comes to keeping your car on the road.

2.) Learn to Change a Tire: If you own a car, you should be able to change a tire. Ask a friend or family member to show you how. You never know when you will blow a tire. While you can call AAA or a friend to help you, it’s a good idea to know how to change a tire to get yourself out of the situation. After all, no one wants to be stuck roadside waiting on help due to a flat or damaged tire. Speaking of tires…

3.) Take Good Care of Your Tires: A flat tire is unmistakable. However, in some cases, your tires are worn and need to be replaced. This problem can be a bit more subtle. To get the proper mileage out of your tires, it’s important to ensure they are inflated correctly and are rotated regularly. Not having enough air in your tires can not only lead to a flat, but it can also reduce your fuel efficiency.

4.) Learn How to Jump-Start a Car: Knowing how to jump your car off is another common task you should be able to complete as a car owner. It’s also a good idea to keep jumper cables in your car. Even if you don’t use them yourself, you can help out a fellow car owner whose car isn’t starting due to a dead battery.

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Let 2020 be the year you make taking care of your car top priority. Contact us at D Mac’s Auto Repair in Escondido to learn more about car maintenance and how your vehicle might benefit from a visit to our auto and body shop. Call us at 760-746-0111 today. We are happy to assess the health of your car and let you know what service is needed to keep it running optimally.

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